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Real Estate Auctioneer Careers Begin Here

 America's ONLY Specialized Real Estate Auction Training & Marketing Course


Real Estate Brokers, Agents and Auctioneers in a recent graduating class. Real Estate Auctions are the fastest growing area of the auction business and the fastest growing area of the real estate business. More and more auctioneers, real estate brokers and agents are taking our course.


Sample Certified Real Estate Auctioneer Diploma

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Auctioneering is as easy as picking up the phone
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  • Over the next ten years predictions are that 35% to 50% of all real estate will be sold by auction marketing

  • You'll be able to offer this marketing option that other agents aren't able to provide

  • Auctions create referral and return business

  • Faster property turnover results in less holding costs and more profit for the seller

  • Buyers know they are getting a fair market price because of the competition they had to out bid

  • Another service that enhances your company's image

There is an unlimited future for real estate agents, brokers and auctioneers capable of offering this marketing option. This marketing concept offers an important service to clients who wish to sell their properties in the shortest period of time, and best possible price. You may rest assured by completing this course, you will be years ahead of your competition, because of this vital service you will be capable of offering your future clients.

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS: Submit a copy of your certificate of completion and course schedule to your Real Estate Commission or Dept. of Professional Regulation for credit toward your current license renewal period. Minnesota Licensees receive 30 credits. Course approved by the Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 82.22

Many situations occur that are tailor-made for a real estate auction, but most, if not all, would fit under the category "time is of the essence."

Property A is sold, and on the strength of this sale, your client purchases Property B. Now sale A develops problems in escrow and the sale cannot close. The client is now in a state of hysteria since his only hope of closing on Property B in 60 days is by closing on Property A. What do you do? Auction Property A and arrange a sale date well in advance of the closing date on Property B, stipulating that part of the terms and conditions of the real estate auction is a quick closing. This can only be accomplished with a real estate auction.

A type of situation which dictates the advantage of a real estate auction is the high divorce rate and the need to dispose of the real estate quickly. Often neither party can afford to hold a property that they previously owned as husband and wife.

When a partnership dissolves, the situation often demands an immediate sale of the assets, including the real estate. Private negotiated marketing cannot guarantee a sale within a set, short time period. A real estate auction can.

Heirs to an estate that involves real estate are usually highly motivated for a fast sale. Most states encourage a real estate auction as a method for generating the highest price in the shortest period of time. Illness, or the need for immediate cash, or the inability of the owner to hold and maintain the real estate is another reason you should recommend a real estate auction. Holding costs can be crippling. All too often, the carrying or holding costs during a private negotiated marketing effort won't be recovered in a higher selling price.  Instead the price is reduced. Therefore, the sooner a property sells, the greater the bottom line dollars in pocket for the seller.

An exchange being held up waiting for a buyer on one of the legs - auction it. The real estate auction can also work especially well in a "Bull Market". The law of supply and demand, where the demand exceeds the supply, is an ideal market to expose the real estate to competitive bidding to get the maximum return. The real estate auction is highly desirable in overbuilt or stagnant markets, where no reading exists on how low prices will fall or how long the market will stay overbuilt.

The private negotiated method and auction marketing method are different. A real estate auction can most generally guarantee a sale within a short period of time, and the attention is directed to the property being auctioned. Private negotiated marketing can't accomplish this.

Clearly, real estate auctions offer owners of all types of real estate advantages that are not available with private negotiated real estate firms.

All of us in the real estate profession are salespeople first and foremost. Let's forget for a moment  the fancy titles and diplomas we have earned during our years in the business. The bottom line of success in our profession is still determined by our ability as salespeople. We constantly look for sellers so we have more listings.  Our next step is to find the buyers.

A professionally managed real estate auction is a method of marketing that will find the buyers crawling out of the woodwork, and it is this benefit that will enable you to gain additional sales by offering your clients the real estate auction marketing option.



Seller Benefits

  • Never has to worry about selling too cheap

  • Offers the seller another option

  • Creates competition among buyers; auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale

  • An auction generates excitement and heightens buyer interest

  • Exposes the property to a large number of pre-qualified prospects

  • Requires that potential buyers pre-qualify for loans

  • Property is sold as is, where is and how is without contingencies

  • Accelerates sales; the property can sometimes be sold within three weeks of listing

  • Eliminates high seller carrying costs; (such as interest, taxes, maintenance)

  • Auction brings interested buyers to a point of decision; they must act now or lose an opportunity to purchase

  • Auction is a true market forum; the highest buyer pays the lowest price a seller will accept

  • A seller knows exactly when the property will sell

  • A seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale, maintains control of the property throughout the auction (depending on auction type), and actively participates in the sale process

  • Auction reduces the time the property is on the market

  • Auction eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings

  • Auction takes the seller out of the negotiation process

  • Auction is an aggressive, advance marketing program that increases potential interest in and awareness of a property

  • Seller is able to obtain liquidity

  • Seller is able to move on to other investments and free up capital

Buyer Benefits

  • Purchase property at fair market value

  • Never has to worry about paying too much

  • Eliminate sometimes long negotiation periods

  • Reduce time to purchase property

  • Gain confidence as they compete

  • Do not have to worry about contingencies because purchasing and closing dates are known

  • Feel better about a purchase; just knowing there is a contending bid just one increment under purchase price

  • Buyers know property owners are motivated to sell

  • Buyers know property owners sell at lowest price possible

  • Buyers can receive favorable financing

  • Buyers set their own purchase price

Broker/Agent Auctioneer Benefits

  • Seller pays all marketing costs

  • Provides a list of ready and qualified buyers

  • Increases profits

  • Offer clients and customers new selling and purchasing options

  • Increase market share and revenues; new business opportunities are added

  • Enhance company's image

  • Develop your own market niche; able to offer new products and services other brokers/agents are not providing

  • Exposes the property to many potential purchasers

  • Auctions appeal to people; it brings them in to look at all the listings you hold, not just the auction listing

  • Auctions cause referral and return business

  • Broker/Agent/Auctioneer know what day property will sell, when it will close, and day paid

  • Learn new business techniques and skills



Auction School of Real Estate

(Division of Continental Auctioneer Schools, Mankato, MN)


State of the Art Real Estate Auctioneer / Agent Training

 In Foreclosures, Short Sales and REOs.


The national inventory of homes for sale is at an all time high, and one in seven homes in this country is actually sitting empty with holding costs that are killing. Prices are tumbling and there is no relief in sight.

 Foreclosure rates are soaring, and as those owners are kicked out of their homes, these homes are sitting empty with conventional (trying to sell it slowly over the next several months or years, or maybe never) “For Sale” Real Estate Signs. Meanwhile, more than (1) one trillion in adjustable rate loans with kick mortgage payments higher for tens of thousands of owners, which will push foreclosure rates even higher as people simply walk away from their over priced homes.

 According to a recent investment banker report, today there are 17.4 million vacant homes in the country. That means there are more vacant homes in the U.S. than at anytime since records have been kept. Now, as a result too few buyers are facing too many homes, the rate of price reduction has been accelerating and will continue to get even worse. Real Estate experts are predicting as much as a 50% decline or more from today’s current inflated prices. There is little doubt that homeowners must lower their price expectations if they want to sell their real estate or use the real estate auction method which does not limit the price. We use the increasing method versus the (price reduced) method.

 For real estate licensees the number of closed transaction had just about come to a dead stop. This current environment creates a unique opportunity for real estate auctioneers in representing sellers of these homes.

 Auction School of Real Estate (Division of Continental Auctioneer Schools) Mankato, Minnesota has created an exclusive training program exclusively for attendees to give them the specialist knowledge and expertise needed to advise clients and market these properties at auction.

 Executing transactions on these properties at auction requires more knowledge and complexities than conventional real estate sales. Our program will give real estate auctioneers the understanding of the short sales and foreclosure process, as well as how to build relationships with financial institutions. It will teach you how to provide Auctioneer Price Opinions (APOs) as well as how to advertise, market and close these sales by identifying the buyers willing to pay the highest price in today’s marketplace by being able to offer the real estate auction option. Banks, mortgage companies and sellers will require this expertise. This class is designed to fully prepare auctioneers and agents with real estate auctioneer training to handle this complex business in the most professional and time value of money efficient manner. In order for you to be the best advisors to your clients, you need to be the best trained. By being the best trained, you will develop lasting relationships with institutions that will earn you additional business for years to come.

 Our objective is to have you fully qualified to take advantage of this real estate problem niche as quickly as possible so that you have the real estate auction advantage and are able to offer your clients another option, such as a quick sale, attracts attention, freezes the market, creates an urgency to buy, and best of all the seller does not have to pay the commission, we charge the commission to the buyer, it is called a buyers premium. Your sellers can name the day, time, place of the real estate sale and the date of the closing. Of course these properties are sold without contingencies such as financing or subject to the sale of another piece of property. One more, the seller pays the marketing costs! Isn’t that great?

 Until now, the number of real estate auctioneers with any kind of training in handling short sales, foreclosures, and REOs has been non existent. Demand for this expertise is rising and will continue for years and years to come. There has never been a more opportune time for real estate agents and real estate auctioneers to learn how to work this area successfully for the ultimate benefit of the consumer and their own personal production. You need to distinguish yourself by taking our course and perfecting the skills required. It will add value to your core real estate auction business if you do.

 This four-hour portion of Auction School of Real Estate Training “Foreclosures, Short Sales and REOs” is now offered exclusively to attendees attending Continental Auctioneer Schools. We encourage you to take full advantage of this special opportunity to grow your business and become a real estate auctioneer expert. Give Rich Haas a call today and get registered for our next class. (507) 625-5595

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