Advanced Auctioneers Workshop


This Workshop has been postponed to a later date…

Calling all auctioneers!

Are you looking to step up your game this year in your auction business?

Join us for this two day workshop designed for auction school graduates who are interested in growing their businesses and continuing their education. If you had not already taken the class, add the Personal Property Appraisal Certification course on August 10th and learn how to further grow your business through this service.

Workshop Topics

Benefit Auction Basics for Non Benefit Auctioneers & More

Whether pro bono or charging a fee, this “crash course” in Benefit Auctioneering will give attendees all the basic cutting edge skills and techniques required to serve their clients from consultation to gala night! Attendees will get detailed knowledge of topics such as gala consultation, Silent Auction, Live Auction, Direct Appeal (aka “Fund-a-Need”), gala games, how to get paid…without costing your client a penny, and how to find clients and build a successful Benefit Auction business!

Understanding Auction Law with George Michak

Making sure that you are familiar with auction laws and how they affect you as an auction professional is an important step in building your business. In this session, attorney George Michak discusses the legal issues facing the auction industry and how to navigate them.

Making it as a First Generation Auctioneer

Learn the numerous myths and misconceptions about the auction industry. This no-nonsense session will keep you from countless pitfalls and ultimately becoming your own worst enemy.  You will gain an incredibly valuable perspective that will provide you with fresh insight on how to become truly successful in the auction industry.

Trouble Going In. Trouble Going Out.

A common dilemma that plagues many auctioneers is the failure to identify the not-so-obvious warning signs of a client that will result in a whirlwind of trouble and potential lawsuits to the auctioneer. ‘Trouble Going In. Trouble Going Out’ will arm you with an abundance of skills to navigate through the minefield of booby traps that plague many auctioneers.

Sales Buzz Words: The Do and Don’t Use Language of Professional Auctioneers

Ever wonder how you landed that one big auction or how you lost it? Was it something you said? How you communicate with your prospective customers is paramount to any successful sales strategy. Learn the phrases and sales techniques successful auction professionals use to book and conduct successful auctions.


Personal Property Appraisal Certification Course

Enhance your auction business by becoming a Certified Personal Property Appraiser. Add this one day course to your workshop registration and learn how to research and value personal property and produce a USPAP compliant appraisal report.



Advanced Auctioneers Workshop (Two days)


Workshop PLUS Personal Property Appraisal Course (Three days)


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