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"We continue to be very proud of our auctioneer training. We strive for excellence and can rightfully boast about what we offer our students and all the achievements they accomplish...."


A video of all students as auctioneers is recorded.. As part of the learning process, each student is given a live critique by the teaching team as well as by fellow students. Copies of the video will be available for purchase on VHS.

News Release

Should you desire, your photo will be taken receiving your diploma from the school director and sent to newspapers in your area, along with a news release stating that you have graduated from our school and that you are available to provide services as a qualified auctioneer. We will also send a letter of recommendation to your local bankers recommending your services as an auctioneer.


Four Best Student Auctioneers
Graduation Diploma

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate naming you an honorary Colonel for life. This diploma will be proof to the world that you are qualified to act as an auctioneer.


Sample Certified Auctioneer Diploma

Sample Certified Auctioneer Diploma 

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Professional Training Facilities and Equipment

Students sit at conference tables set up for classroom training. Refreshments are available during breaks. Each morning the student body assembles at the school in the main lecture area. Equipment includes video cameras, public address systems, microphones, tape recorders and other modern training aids. Students spend all or part of every day at the training facility. Students are also given the opportunity to attend and sell at a live auction.

Subjects included in the course are taught through lecture by various instructors supplemented by the use of video-taped playbacks of each student's performance. Additional video presentations are used showing students how livestock, machinery, automobiles and real estate are sold using the auction method. Students will see and hear many of their instructors in action.

Rich Haas explains use of a sound system                                  Dennis Biliske


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