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Fund raising Auctions

Be a Certified Charity / Fund Raising Auctioneer

By: Rich Haas
- Auctioneer - Real Estate Broker - Appraiser - President and Owner

Learn the 22 steps for successful Charity and Fund Raising Auctions for churches, schools, civic groups, service clubs and others, for a commission.  

There are more than 300,000 charity auctions a year in the United States alone and many more in Canada and other countries that raise more than $18 Billion annually.

Charity and fund raising auctions are a unique and lively way of raising money for non-profit institutions and is one of the fastest growing areas of the auctioneer profession.

Auctions are the preferred method as the most appropriate fundraising tool for churches, schools, civic groups, service clubs, hospitals and many other charities. People attending enjoy the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of items in a short time while donating money to the fund raising event. Most organizations have talented people within their volunteer core but they need an organized plan (the 22 steps only taught at our school) for a successful money making fund raising auction. This is where you come in as a Certified Charity Fund Raising Auctioneer. Auctioneers are paid a percentage of the total dollars generated, usually 5% to 15%. 

Continental Auctioneer Schools charity fund raising auctioneer course is the only training devoted to providing all of the information and solutions facing groups in the task of implementing a successful fund raising auction event. Persons completing our course will learn all of the tools needed to implement and conduct a successful charity fund raising auction.

In the past, auctioneers did not charge for their services at charity auctions. It started out years ago when benefits were small fund raising events. There certainly wasn’t anything wrong with this, but times have changed. The auction volume has increased from hundreds to thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. In general the auction profession’s views have not changed. I can show you another market for your auctioneer services and help you realize that charity fund raising auctions are big business.

There are many reasons auctioneers gave their services away. I know of no other professionals who give so much for nothing. I have been doing benefits for a fee, my entire auctioneer career, and I will try to analyze some of the reasons I hear against charging a commission for your skills, services and time. Some feel that doing free auctions will bring them other auctions. I have found it doesn’t pencil out. It’s like spending a thousand dollars on advertising in hopes of getting a five hundred dollar job.

Another reason is publicity. Most often, newspapers do not print the benefit auctioneers name or his / her company name. When newspapers are covering an auction that I am doing, I make it a point to let them know I charge a fee. I not only get my name in the paper, but I am frequently in a featured article. At an out of town auction I was interviewed by the local paper. The next day the headlines read, “Local Charity Auction

Imports Professional Auctioneer”. If I had lived in that town and donated my services, they would not have even mentioned my name. When you charge for your services, they are asking you what to do. When you do not charge or do it for free, they are telling you what to do. 

Forget about defensive publicity. That’s when the auction company does the job for nothing because he or she is afraid the competition will do it and get their name in the paper. If you continue to work for free you will fail in this business…

When setting your fee, determine what of your services should be charged for. It is no longer a case of providing auctioneering services for the evening, but offering a package of your services for your fees. With our training you can provide your clients with a list of what they need to do, and a list of your services you offer and explain how your services and only your services will make their fund raiser a success.

 You fees must give you a return on your investment of time and energy. Most professional auctioneers charge for charity auctions just like they would for any other auction. 

Show me any other professional who gives away their services. When you do that $100,000 charity auction for the blood bank and a month later your spouse has surgery and needs blood, do they let you go for less than $500 a pint. Tell me you’re not brainwashed.

If it sounds like I am trying to convince all auctioneers to stop giving away their services, You’re right.

                                                                                                                                                                      Rich Haas all rights reserved

Sample Certified Fund Raising Auctioneer Diploma

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