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What Does It Take To Be An Auctioneer?
Rich Haas

Rich Haas Profile (Click Here)


"Betty Botter Bought Some Butter but she said this butter's bitter...

One----one 'n a quarter----one 'n 'ahalf----one seventy-five----two----two 'n aquarter----two 'n 'ahalf...

Tommy Tatamus took two tees to the top of two tall trees. Tommy Tatamus..."

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"Discover the Continental Championship Advantage"

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Steve Fausch

You will chant rhythmically - tongue twisters and number scales, forward and backward. Our students are of all ages, men and women from all States and Canada. (25% are women) Most attend our school without any special ability to talk fast. Most have no experience in public speaking. Some have speech impediments. You will be selling at auction by the second day.

Your time is valuable! Complete your training in one week. In one week you are assured of the most up-to-date training to be an "Auctioneer" in the world. Upon your graduation, you will be capable of completing an auction contract as well as possessing the knowledge to advertise, promote, clerk, cashier and conduct a public auction. It's an intensive, motivational and very practical education. No time consuming, expensive training is required.

Our up-to-date study materials, featuring today's methods and techniques are excellent study tools covering every area of auctioneering. The materials are given to each student upon check-in on the day the term begins. They are yours to keep as a valuable reference for all types of auctions you will conduct after your graduation.

Develop a Winning Attitude

There is one common denominator among successful people. They all possess a "winning attitude." They have the ability to immediately begin to stay motivated to achieve their goals, no matter what happens along the way. The greatest definition of a WINNER goes like this:

1. You must have a specific goal.
2. You must have a specific time to achieve your goal.

3. You must write it down.

4. You must develop a plan to achieve your goal.

5. You must decide what kind of price you are willing to pay.

6. You must think about reaching your goal everyday.
7. You Must Start.

Our Curriculum is the Most Extensive in the Industry

We offer a complete course in auctioneering and auction management which consists of a one (1) week term. The School office is open year round. Your letters and inquiries are invited.


Tuition includes all Instructional Supplies, Lifetime Scholarship, Certificate of Completion and Nationally Recognized Diploma.
"Lifetime scholarship" is "the privilege of graduates to return to the school, tuition free, for a day or the entire week, for a refresher course at any future term."

Age Requirements

Minimum age is 16 years. Younger students may be accepted by special permission if accompanied by an adult. Students under16 years of age must request permission and receive written permission to attend at least seven (7) days prior to the first day of the term attending.

Ladon Henslin
Student Auctioneers


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