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Be a Certified Online Auctioneer
Online Auctions

Be a Certified Online Auctioneer

There is an unlimited future for Auctioneers trained on how to conduct and

when to offer the online auction option. The online auction marketing

concept offers an important service to your future auction clients by being

able to offer another auction option to those who may need to sell their

property to the highest bidder, 24 hours a day, over a one or two week period

of time in front of the world market, versus an onsite open out cry auction.

Continental Auctioneers School offers the only certified licensed online

auctioneer training in the world that meets the demands of this fast growing

auction marketing system utilizing the World Wide Web.

This is your opportunity to be part of the online auction future.

Sample Certified Online Auctioneer Diploma

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Certified Online Auctioneer Diploma

Online Auctioneer Training

The Auction Business Today

New tools to compete against entrenched competition

Advantages & Disadvantages

Getting Started

Selling the Online Auction

What determines if an auction should be online or onsite?

What online formats work the best?

Online only, Online Pre-Bidding Only, Live Online?

What formats work well What not to use and when?

What other formats work well or badly?

What are the exact steps and logistics to set up an online only auction?

Mechanics of the Online Auction

Software Programs to Run Online Auctions

Photography, Advertising, Inspections, Removal, Terms & Conditions

Clerking and Cashiering, Final Accounting, Sales taxes, Commissions

Contracts, UCC Liens

Online Auction Opportunities, Strengths, Weakness, Threats



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