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We Get Letters!

What others say about Continental Auctioneer Schools?

SM - Vermont. What a rewarding week! I really didn’t get a chance to thank you and your staff for all your efforts. As you know, I attended two other auctioneer schools before attending Continental and have something to compare your training to the others. It was by far the best and worth every dime I spent to attend.

RF - Chief Auctioneer, New Zealand. I attended a recent NAR convention. While I was at the convention, Continental Auctioneers School came up and the good job it does. Could you please advise us if you accept enrollments from outside the USA? If you do, we will be sending several people to take your courses. Please forward enrollment material. We look forward to your response.

MF - Wisconsin. I will never forget the day I graduated from Continental Auctioneers School.  What a tremendous experience!  I recommend your school to anyone wanting not only to learn the auctioneer chant, but the business end of the auctioneering as well.

GM - Saskatchewan. I am sending some brochures of our upcoming auctions. We are breaking ground here in Canada. Thank you for helping me realize the benefits of auction marketing. Your school is not only comprehensive and educational, but also a lot of fun. Thank you for a terrific week at the greatest school I have attended in my entire life!

DS - Indiana. My state auctioneer exam is one of the toughest licensing exams for auctioneers in the US. Thanks to Continental Auctioneers School, I passed with a perfect score. You provide a program that anyone wishing to be an auctioneer should consider before selecting another auctioneer’s school. Again, a big thank you, and if anyone asks me where to attend auctioneers school, there is only one correct choice, Continental Auctioneers School.

GH - Michigan. O.K. you were right. After graduation, my wife and I set up business. Little did we know our business would grow this fast? Last year we did 61 auctions. Thanks for all the help and your support after we got home. My advice to people thinking about becoming an auctioneer? Make it Continental Auctioneers School, you’ll be glad you did.

EC - California. You are wonderful, and you make a difference. I have attended many schools, seminars and lectures. You and your instructors show respect for everyone, pleasant with a ready smile and take the time to give students the attention needed. Thanks for making a difference.

TD - Texas. It was just great. Thanks for all the help and guidance. I know why people planning on an auctioneer career attend your school.

SB -  Iowa. If someone 5 years ago told me I would be an auctioneer, real estate auctioneer and a personal property appraiser, I would never have believed it. You and your staff of instructors opened my eyes. Thanks for the opportunity to attend your school.

MR - New York. Just a quick note. I just conducted another auction over $250,000 which brings my auction volume to over 4 million for the year. Being an appraiser is how I got the auction. My message to other auctioneers that have not had many auctions, real estate brokers and agents is to come to Mankato, Minnesota and take your courses. Auctioneering and Real Estate is changing. ..keep up with the changes. ..or go under.

MM - Minnesota. Thank you for opening my eyes to this great opportunity and for a great week at Continental Auctioneers School in Mankato. The training greatly exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended your course to several of my associates. Your common sense, money sense and people sense are an unbeatable combination.

Continental Auction School Graduates who started their auction business when they were under 30 

There is one common denominator among successful people, they all possess a “winning attitude”. They have the ability to stay motivated to achieve their goals, no matter what happens along the way. They have boundless enthusiasm, lots of energy, and dreams — if sometimes little else. They are graduates of Continental Auction School who started their business while in their 20’s, half the average auctioneer’s age of 50 according to a recent survey. These go-getters give new meaning to the term "roaring 20’s" and their stories make us proud.

Larry - age 21 - N. Dakota - Larry comes from a long line of go-getters, so starting his auction company was no big deal. “I only wish that everybody felt that way,” he says of the difficulties he faced convincing clients of his competence. “Now, I remind them of how young the greatest composers were: Mozart 9, Schubert 16. I can’t say I hit the ground running. Our business was slow getting started while we learned the business and our niche. With over 30 auctions in our second year we’re moving along at a pretty good trot now.”

Stephen - age 23 - Iowa - “It’s tough”, he says. “The first 15 months I put a lot of what I earned back into the business. Now it’s paying off.” He admits you need to speak and carry yourself with confidence. Advertise, market and promote your skills and services as an auctioneer and never run out of patience and determination.

Jay - age 25 - Missouri - With encouragement from a retiring auctioneer he started his company at the age of 25. His firm now has grown to four auctioneer associates and he moved from his home office into an office on Main Street. It’s not knowing whether you can really make it on your own. “You still have to work hard once things start falling into place, but you can breathe a little easier doing over 75 auctions a year.” He recounts his hard lessons. "I skimped on everything which was a big mistake. And I tried to be everything to everybody."

Tracy  - age 23 - Illinois - “Just getting started I found people didn’t take me serious enough. In the beginning I lost auctions to older competitors.” His solution? Take your clients mind off your age by giving better service and marketing. “My business really took off.  21 auctions my first year, by working a 15 mile radius. Now people know me because of the intense exposure I get from working an area I can handle. This is my fourth year out and we’re up to almost 80 auctions a year.”

Barbara - age 29 - Wisconsin - Before founding her auction company, she was a retail store clerk. “I got into the auction business only because it looked like a good business to get into.” She considers her lack of experience one of the reasons she succeeded. “I started from scratch without preconceived notions of how things were done by the good old boys. I did what worked for me.” Now with the help of two associate auctioneers that she hired, her company does over 50 auctions a year along with numerous fund raising auctions which she is quick to point out, they charge for. She nets an average $150 - $200 for a typical 2 hour fund-raising auction.

Joe - age 26 - Minnesota - When the entrepreneurial bug hit Joe he turned to his buddy for advise. The bug proved contagious and the two formed their auction company. “We knew we were young, but you have to start sometime or the world will pass you by.”  They had problems getting started, people would tend to favor the old guys over the new guys. In their haste to make a name for themselves, they made mistakes. The stumbles landed hard on profits. Their hard work had an upside. Energy transformed into more business. “We now do an average of two auctions a week. We expect to do over 100 auctions this year.”


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