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Training and Instruction
Steve Fausch
Instructor Steve Fausch working with a small group displaying the use of proper auctioneer hand gestures and bid calling techniques.
Auction Responsibilities and Duties
Public Speaking - Speech and Voice control
Proper Bid Calling, Rhythm and Breathing

Getting Started - Prospecting, soliciting and booking auctions

Auctioneer Commission Rates and Auction Expense Charges
Being a Good Ring Person

Clerking and Cashiering Hand and Computer Methods

Simple Record Keeping for Your Auctions

Appraisals - Including reference material and common sense

Various Auctions and Types of Auctions

Government Auctions - City, County, State, Federal and Bankruptcy Auctions
Consignment Auctions and Auction Houses

Business Liquidations

Farm Machinery/Livestock Auctions & Purebred Livestock Sales

Real Estate Auctions - HUD and VA, Household and Estate Auctions
Antiques, Furniture, Collectibles and Coins
Auto & Boat Auctions

Industrial Equipment & Industrial Machinery Auctions

Tobacco Auctions

Charity and Fund Raising Auctions
Tracy Holland                                  Lowell Gilbertson

Other Auctioneering Subjects

Understanding the Uniform Commercial Code for Auctions

City, County, State and Federal Law

Understanding the Difference Between Reserve and Absolute Auctions

Auction Advertising and Marketing - All media

High Impact Target Marketing - Direct and Bulk Mail Procedure and Mailing Lists

Proper Auction Signage

Sound System/PA Equipment

Video Taping and Recording your Auction for Legal Purposes
Auctioneer Website Basic Knowledge

How to Handle Bad Checks

Auction Contracts and Marketing Proposals

Auctioneer Ethics
National & State Auctioneer Organizations/Canadian National and Provincial Auctioneer Organizations

Auctioneer License Requirements

Dress and Projecting the Proper Image

Auction Toppers, Clerking Trailers, Lunch Trailers and Port-a-Biff Trailers

Admission Procedures

To register, simply pick up the phone and call. You may register by phone, in person or by mail. Acceptance and term date will be confirmed by return mail. It is suggested that prospective students register fourteen (14) days in advance of the terms date or before if possible. However, registration will be accepted right up to the start of each class, provided there is space available.

Lady Auctioneers

New Lady Auctioneers from several states in a recent graduating class are pictured with school president, Rich Haas.



Advance registration is required as space must be planned. Attendees are responsible for motel reservations. We do not overload our classes. We accept only a limited number of students in each class so each student can receive individual attention and more practice.

Registration Page

Casual dress is suggested. Suit or jacket for graduation and class photo.

We are members of the National Auctioneers Association and our training conforms to their code of ethics.


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