Certified Auctioneer Training

Become an Auctioneer-Auction School Class

Auction School – at Continental you will learn bid-calling along with the tools and resources to become a successful auction professional


Want to become an Auctioneer?

At Continental Auctioneers School, we can help you become an auctioneer. Through our intense, one-week course, you will learn from instructors who earn their living in the auction industry. You will gain the skills, tools and processes to become a successful auctioneer.


Auction school students learn the art of bid-calling. Students spend a significant amount of the course sharpening their bid-calling skills through tongue twisters and number drills. Students then go through the step-by-step process of building the auction chant. Instructors create real-world simulations to help students prepare for performing in an actual auction environment.

In addition to bid-calling, students learn other important skills required to become an auctioneer. Instructors help students develop skills in sales prospecting, Marketing, Auction Setup and Design, Business Planning and much more…

Tools and Processes

Auctioneer school-ringman training

Instructors Steve Maynes and Jason Hallberg demonstrating how the Auctioneer and Ringman work together

Auction School students will learn about the tools required to begin a career in the auction profession. Continental instructors provide tools such as contract and proposal templates, budget templates, Website tools and more. Students learn about other tools required to reach their individual business goals and where to find those tools.

We teach processes. From taking a prospective call to listing an auction to auction setup, our instructors provide step-by-step instruction in the processes students will encounter in the auction profession.


At Continental Auctioneers School, we pride ourselves on our after school support. We realize that our one week course is just the beginning of the learning process to become an auctioneer. We expect each of our students to have questions or need help in some aspect of their auction career after graduation. For this reason, each student receives a follow-up from the President of the school and has access to each instructor after they leave school.

Course Outline

Bid Calling
Qualities of the Auctioneer
Auction Processes
Sales Prospecting
Contract Auctioneer and Ring Person Training
Clerking and Cashiering
Auction Law and Ethics
Business Administration and Planning
Auction Design
Fundraising Auctions
Online Auctions
Real Estate Auctions


Additional Certifications Available:

Certified Real Estate Auctioneer

Certified Online Auctioneer

Certified Charity / Fundraising Auctioneer

“You need to be a salesman first, a business person second and an auctioneer third. Bid callers are a dime a dozen. You can be the best bid caller in the world, but if you can’t write an auction contract, you will not make any money as an auctioneer.” – Rich Haas, Former President of Continental Auctioneers School and current President of Hass Land Brokers and Auctioneers



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