Testimonials & Graduate News

Shawn Reiff

"I left Continental with the Knowledge of how to be successful in the auction world. We have just now booked our fourth auction in less than two months out of school. We are on our way thanks to Jason and Beth. You only get out of auction school what you put into it. You have to be the driving force of success. Continental gives you all the guidelines on how to be successful. From there its up to you. I know first hand that after you are done with school, that's not the end. Beth and Jason have spent many hours on the phone with me helping me with questions. I really don't think I would have gotten that from any other school." Shawn Reiff, New Generation Auctions & Estates

Darwin and Debbie Stevens

"My husband and myself attended Continental Auctioneer School  in 2015,with Rich and Steve!! This was an awesome class and we learned so much! After completion of this class, my husband and myself have become owners/operators of Stevens Auctioneer Service in Williston North Dakota. We have done many auctions, including estate auctions, real estate auctions ,  liquidation auctions and many fundraisers. We love our job and this is truly a family-based business, with our children helping out at every auction, and our grand kids grabbing the mic occasionally!! We would highly recommend Continental Auctioneer School to anybody wanting to become an auctioneer. Thank you again to Continental  Auctioneer School for making our dreams come true!!" Darwin and Debbie Stevens

Michelle Williams

"I am a 2009 graduate of Continental Auctioneer School. Since then I have started and grown two online auction companies and run 5 or 6 auctions a week from my St. Louis Park location. The training I received from the school was priceless and prepared me for success. Since graduation I have contacted Rich, the school owner, on several occasions for advice and assistance and he stepped up to the plate every time." Michelle Williams-Owner- M.A. Williams Auctions and Auctions for Business and Industry

Andrew Jossund

"Auctioneer school had been in the back of my mind for a long time and I couldn't be happier that I finally decided to go, and chose Continental. Jason, Beth, Steve and Rich all put the students first and have a passion for the auction industry, that they convey to the students in every lesson. From bid calling to business methods, everything is broken down into easy to understand blocks and built up. No time is wasted, once everyone was introduced one the first day we started with an hour of bid calling drills. This was followed by lessons on everything from contract design, to auction set up, clerking, ring man skills, real estate at auction, and the many platforms of the ever growing online auction business. The instructors know because they do this everyday and teach based on experience. The fast pace of the class keeps the students engaged but the instructors still take the time to work one on one with the students and answer questions. The passion the instructors have for teaching is seen every time students work through the chant drills, the positivity and encouragement creates a fun and exciting environment. I couldn't be happier and can't say enough about my decision to attend continental and plan to attend the personal property appraisal class in the future. I would recommend this school to anyone who has ever considered auction school, not only have I gained skills and knowledge personally. I have gained friends and an invaluable resource in the instructors who I know will always be there for any assistance in the future."

Dean Kangas

"Rich Haas has virtually thought of everything you will need to start you on a successful road to starting your career in the auction and personal property appraisel business. Thankyou Rich for the quality training and support."

Bill Christian

"Great school Rich Hass and his Instructors. Go the extra mile with the Auction Laws ,contracts ,sales Not just the bid calling. He will help you develop a chant that works for you. Thank You Rich" ... Bill Christian

Graduate News

We are proud of our graduates!

At Continental Auctioneers School, we have had the pleasure of teaching outstanding auctioneers and watching them grow in their businesses. If you are a graduate and have news, please share with us at info@auctioneerschool.com. We love to hear from our graduates!

Recent News:

1999 Continental graduate, Dave Thompson, is named the 2017 Minnesota Auctioneers Association State Champion Auctioneer

Andrew Jossund – Perley, MN – 2019 NDAA Champion

Jake Goecke – Marshalltown, IA – 2019 First Runner-Up in the Iowa Rookie Contest

Dave Thompson – Lansing, MN – 2017 Minnesota Champion Auctioneer

Jessica Michelle Wilson – 2016 Oklahoma State Rookie Bid Calling Champion

Lewis Reuer – Bowdle, SD – 2016 South Dakota State Bid Calling Champion

Allen Henslin – Bird Island, MN – 2014 North Dakota State Champion Auctioneer

Amy Nikolaisen – Cando, ND – sold 17 farms in 21 months at auction in 2014 & 2015

Wayne Yoder – Wautoma, WI – 2008 Wisconsin State Champion Auctioneer

Rick Levin – Chicago, IL – sold the downtown Chicago Post Office for $27.5 Million at auction

Lia Kvatum – Silver Springs, MD – 2013 Maryland State Bid Calling Champion